Book Lab Test Online India

Book Lab Test Online India

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Hba1c Diabetes

1,5 Anhydroglucitol Diabetes,infertility

25-oh Vitamin D (total) Metabolic Wellness Bone Disease

Aldolase Metabolic

Alkaline Phosphatase Liver Hepatitis Arthritis Metabolic

Alpha Feto Protein (afp) Liver Pregnancy Cancer

Amphetamine Drug Of Abuse

Amylase Pancreatitis Liver

Anti - Dsdna Autoimmune

Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ana) Arthritis Autoimmune

Antithrombin Iii Coagulation

Arsenic Toxic

Barbiturates Drug Of Abuse

Barium Toxic

Benzodiazepines Drug Of Abuse

Beta Hcg Pregnancy Cancer

Bicarbonate Electrolyte Metabolic

Bismuth Toxic

Ca 15.3 Oncology

Ca 19.9 Oncology

Ca-125 Oncology

Cadmium Toxic

Caesium Toxic

Calcitonin Thyroid

Calcium Metabolic Arthritis

Cardiac Profile - Advanced Metabolic,wellness,bone Disease

Cardiac Profile - Basic Anaemia,pregnancy

Cholinesterase Liver Poisoning

Cobalt Toxic

Cocaine Drug Of Abuse

Copper Toxic

Cortisol Metabolic

Cotinine Wellness

Creatinine - Serum Renal Diabetes

Cytomegalo Virus (cmv) - Igg Infection Pregnancy

Cytomegalo Virus (cmv) - Igm Infection Pregnancy

D-dimer Coagulation

Digoxin Cardiac

Direct Coombs Test Hemolytic Anemia

Direct Renin Hypertension

Estradiol/oestrogen (e2) Infertility Pregnancy

Ethanol Drug Of Abuse

Fat - Soluble Vitamins Profile Metabolic,wellness,bone Disease

Folate Anaemia Pregnancy

Free Beta Hcg Pregnancy

Free Psa Oncology

Free Thyroxine (ft4) Thyroid Pregnancy

Gastrin Gastrointestinal

Haptoglobin Inflammatory Hematology

Hemoglobin Wellness

Hepatitis B Profile Liver,hepatitis,arthritis,metabolic,,

Hepatitis E Virus Igg Infection Liver

Hepatitis Panel Liver,hepatitis,arthritis,metabolic,,

Hla-b27 Arthritis Autoimmune

Immunoglobulin E (ige) Inflammatory Allergy

Indirect Coombs Test Hemolytic Anemia

Inhibin A Wellness

Interleukin-6 Tuberculosis

Iron Anaemia Pregnancy

Iron Deficiency Profile Anaemia,pregnancy

Ketamine Drug Of Abuse

Kidpro Arthritis,renal

Lactate Cardiac Muscle

Lead Toxic

Lipase Pancreatitis

Lithium Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Lp-pla2 Wellness

Magnesium Metabolic

Mercury Toxic

Metabolic Profile - Advanced Metabolic,arthritis

Methadone Drug Of Abuse

Methamphetamine Drug Of Abuse

Mpo - Anca ( P - Anca ) Arthritis Autoimmune

Myoglobin Cardiac Muscle

Nickel Toxic

Opiates Drug Of Abuse

Pcod Profile Thyroid,pregnancy,infertility

Phencyclidine Drug Of Abuse

Phenobarbital/gardenal Serum Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Phenytoin / Dilantin / Eptoin Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Potassium Wellness

Procalcitonin Infection

Progesterone Infertility Pregnancy

Prolactin (prl) Infertility

Propoxyphene Drug Of Abuse

Pyruvate Metabolic

Rheumatoid Factor (rf) Arthritis Autoimmune

Rubella - Igg Infection Pregnancy

Rubella - Igm Infection Pregnancy

Serum Zinc Elements

Sialic Acid Metabolic

Silver Toxic

Sodium Renal

Testosterone Infertility

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (tsh) Thyroid Pregnancy Infertility

Tin Toxic

Torch All Eight Infection,pregnancy

Total Cholesterol Cardiac Diabetes

Total Ige Allergy

Total Rbc Wellness

Total Thyroxine (t4) Thyroid Infertility

Total Triiodothyronine (t3) Thyroid Infertility

Toxo Gondii - Igg Infection Pregnancy

Toxo Gondii - Igm Infection Pregnancy

Transferrin Serum Iron Deficiency

Triglycerides Cardiac Diabetes

Tumour Panel (female) Pregnancy,cancer

Tumour Panel (male) Pregnancy,cancer

Uranium Toxic

Urinary Microalbumin Diabetes Renal

Valproic Acid Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Vitamin A Metabolic Wellness Bone Disease

Vitamin E Metabolic Wellness Bone Disease

Vitamin K Metabolic Wellness Bone Disease

Zinc Toxic

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You can book various lab test and other diagnostic tests with DocMitra by following a simple and smooth process.Just book it online on our website or call us on the available phone number to book it on call. Our well trained patient-friendly representatives will book an appointment for you. We book the appointment on call as soon as we get the required information from you.

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